Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mediterranean turkey burgers

as promised, the turkey burgers. i know, i know, there must be thousands of people holding their breath, waiting...
but seriously, these are good. once upon a time, i went to eat at Red Ruby for dinner. and i got an avocado turkey burger. and it was my first turkey burger. and i fell in love. since i don't eat red meat, this was a real discovery. so i decided i would start ordering turkey burgers anywhere we went to eat to see how they stacked up. then my friend suggested i just make some. she told me how to do it, told me to google 'mediterranean turkey burgers' if i forgot any of it, and ta-da. well, i did forget, and i did google, but it wasn't like what she said. SO i don't know if the title up there is correct. so be it.
okay, so i'm not doing a recipe card for these because they are "so simpo!"
1. dice 3-4-5 cloves of garlic, whatever you feel like.
2. heat up the garlic in some olive oil in a saucepan, maybe 2 T. ish
3. throw in a few handfuls of baby spinach. i use whatever i need to finish out the bag before it goes bad. this will wilt way, way down, though, so don't be scared.
4. remove from heat.
5. cut up some mozarella chunks. i actually used one string cheese because that was all i had. plus, i put cheese on top, anyway, so i don't want to go ridiculously overboard.
6. combine the cheese and the spinach mixture in a meat-safe bowl. (that means one that you will wash really, really, really good. can you tell i'm not really a pro at preparing meat?) add your ground turkey. i use the leanest i can buy, and chad is usually nice enough to do the squishing. this means two things. a. i don't have to do it. b. the patties will turn out enormous! but i can't complain.
7. add some salt and pepper if you like. you don't need too much, the garlic will really flavor it for you.
8. cook until there is no pink. we are, sadly, sans grill, so we cook them on the foreman, but they still turn out delicious.
9. remember, since your turkey is very lean (even if you don't get the leanest), no spatula-squishing while they're cooking! you'll squish out all the juice and then your burger will be dry.
since there's spinach in there, i don't put any lettuce on top, but i definitely add tomato. this last time, i threw in some chopped up green onion into the patty and that was smashing. otherwise, grill up some onion while you're cooking the patty and put that on top. mmmm. and, like i said, i still put cheese on top.
do not be afraid of the picture. i'm sorry it's not a better one, but that's all we got before they disappeared. and that's not weird white turkey meat hanging off the edge, it's lots of delicious melted cheese stick.