Thursday, January 7, 2010

::two week menu::

::wednesday:: black beans, rice and tortillas {{sorry, but we like it!}}
::thursday:: crockpot pot roast, salad, and bread {{folks visiting, hence the real-looking meal!}}
::friday:: nachos (appetizers), Mexican Chicken Casserole, black beans, and cilantro-lime rice {{again, folks in town}}
::saturday:: to friend house for dinner, taking Easy Key Lime Pie {{soooo good!}}
::sunday:: pizza bar - make your own {{we're experimenting with a kid friendly & fun meal for when we have people with kids over to dinner? we don't know.}}

::monday:: hubs in the field
::tuesday:: out to dinner
::wednesday:: crockpot soup, hopefully a white chicken chilli recipe i'm hoping to get my hands on; if not, then this one
::thursday:: Diablo Shrimp Pasta - recipe to come
::friday:: variation on this Mac & Cheese - I don't do it in the crock - recipe to come
::saturday:: breakfast for dinner - probably using up extra veggies from Sunday's pizza extravaganza
::sunday:: burgers and sweet potato fries

I'm back on the bandwagon!!!